Health centre: fight goes on

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are forced to wait in cramped conditions while they wait to be seen by a doctor and we have a very high infant mortality rate.”

She added that Colne’s need was greater than that of Clitheroe and Great Harwood who are also pressing the NHS for a new centre.

Ms Hadwen said: “I am in no doubt that Colne is in great need of a new health centre. I understand the issues with overcrowding and it is completely unacceptable.”

Coun. Graham Roach said: “The conditions that ill people have to stay in at the current health centre are atrocious.

“I understand that funding has been cut but Colne is a special case. We are getting second best all the time and we deserve better.”

Ms Hadwen said that the preferred option for Colne’s health provision will be brought back to the board in September.