Barnoldswick mum (50) died decade after overdose

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A narrative verdict has been recorded at the inquest of a Barnoldswick woman who died almost 10 years after an insulin overdose.

Pauline Oxley (50) had been in a permanent vegetative state since June 2005 when she died at St Andrew’s House on December 5th.

The inquest at Burnley Coroner’s Court heard that the post-mortem returned a cause of death as bronchopneumonia as a result of diffuse cerebral hypoxia caused by the insulin overdose.

The inquest was told that between 1985 and 2005, Mrs Oxley had taken 20 overdoses, the last eight being insulin overdoses.

No family was present at the hearing, but in a statement from Mrs Oxley’s daughter Kelly Thresh, she said she remembered her mum taking overdoses in the past.

Mrs Oxley had suffered a serious head injury in a car crash in 1996 and was in hospital for 12 months after that, her daughter said.

The inquest also heard that Mrs Oxley suffered memory loss and became forgetful following the accident and often wouldn’t remember when she had taken medication.

East Lancashire Coroner Richard Taylor concluded: “Following an unexplained insulin overdose in 2005 which resulted in a brain injury, Pauline Oxley died on December 5th, 2014 from bronchopneumonia due to immobility.”