‘Brave’ Nelson man (25) died in sleep

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A coroner has reached a conclusion that the death of a Nelson man who suffered from colitis and took medication to alleviate pain was misadventure.

Imran Yousaf (25), of Howgill Close, died in his sleep at the home of his brother and next door neighbour, Kamar Mehmood, on September 29th this year.

Mr Yousaf, a former Lomeshaye Junior School and Edge End High School pupil, contracted the disease in 2013, having previously been a fit and healthy man who regularly went to the gym, his brother told the inquest.

On the night of his death, Mr Yousaf was at his brother’s home and was in a lot of pain, Mr Mehmood said.

He had had a sleeping pill, appeared to be drowsy and fell asleep at a table.

The results of histology and toxicology reports carried out on Mr Yousaf’s body were read at the inquest.

These showed the cause of death to be cardio-respiratory failure and drug toxicity. The levels of codeine and other painkillers in his blood had exacerbated the toxicity levels and there were traces of other medication.

Dr Farnaz Arshid said that to contract colitis at a young age would have been frustrating for Mr Yousaf.

There had been an aggressive pattern to his illness and he had not been able to find relief from medication. Coroner Mr Richard Taylor said an otherwise healthy young man had contracted an unpleasant disease and was prescribed a number of medicines to alleviate the symptoms.

“He would have periods when he was OK and not need as much but then be not as well again at other times,” said Mr Taylor.

“Having taken a sleeping pill for comfort it may have been easy to take more codeine than he should have done.”

“He was a stoic young man who bore his problems with bravery.”