Drugs cocktail killed woman who had been using since age 11

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A cocktail of drugs led to the death of a Nelson woman, an inquest heard.

Pathologist Dr Abdul Al-dawoud told the hearing at Burnley that tests showed traces of heroin, morphine and methadone in the body of Victoria Louise Hurrell, of Sansbury Crescent, who died in September.

The individual levels were not enough to cause death, he said, but the combinations had proved fatal.

A friend of Ms Hurrell, Dean Coulson, said she had used drugs since she was 11 and was diabetic, had bronchitis and suffered mental health problems.

She would use up to five bags of heroin a day, he said.

On the morning of her death, he had woken up to find her gasping for breath, something which happened from time to time.

He went out to do a few jobs and came back to find her dead.

East Lancashire Coroner Mr Richard Taylor said: “Ms Hurrell had a significant drug problem since a young age and it appears that this drug abuse has caught up with her. Her body would no longer tolerate that level of abuse.”

He recorded a verdict of death by misuse of drugs.