ELHT campaign out to #EndPJParalysis

Jane Pemberton, Divisional Director of Nursing (right); Colette Goodman, Ward Manager (centre); and Debbie Wilson, Healthcare Assistant supporting the campaign.

Staff at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust continue to promote a national campaign to improve patient experience and reduce the length of time people spend in hospital.

Jane Pemberton, Divisional Director of Nursing at the Trust, recently donned her pyjamas and visited staff and patients to raise awareness of the #EndPJParalysis campaign, which aims to combat muscle dystrophy and needlessly elongated recovery times.

“The phrase 'PJ Paralysis' refers to the fact that every day a patient spends in bed in their pyjamas results in muscle wastage," said Jane. "This means the patient takes longer to recover and cannot be discharged as early as they could have been.

“The Trust has embraced the national campaign, which focuses on encouraging patients to be more mobile by changing out of their pyjamas into day-time clothes," Jane added. "Just the small amount of movement needed to get dressed and get out of bed into a chair can make such a difference to the way a patient feels physically and emotionally.

“ELHT is 100% dedicated to supporting improvements to the excellent care we deliver. Most importantly, we want to ensure that hospital stays are efficient and effective, encouraging a speedy recovery that can lead to patients returning home sooner.”

Join the movement by following ELHT on twitter @EastLancsHosp or using the hashtag #endpjparalysis.

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