Free health checks for the over-40s

Lancashire County Councillor Azhar Ali undergoes his free health check. (s)
Lancashire County Councillor Azhar Ali undergoes his free health check. (s)
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Residents are being urged to take up the offer of free health checks when invited by their local GP as part of a countrywide health campaign.

The Stay Healthy for Those You Love campaign is run by Lancashire County Council, on behalf of the Department of Health, and is aimed at people aged 40 to 74.

Posters featuring images of parents and grandparents with their families will be displayed on billboards, buses, at football grounds, at rail and bus stations and at doctor’s surgeries.

The campaign will encourage people to get a health check when invited by their GP, even if they feel well.

It will make the point that if they do not want to do it for themselves, they should do it for the ones they love.

County Coun. Azhar Ali, cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said: “We know a lot of people are worried about going to the doctor and getting checked out, but most of the time they will not discover anything serious.

“The check will take less than 20 minutes and will look at lifestyle, weight, family medical history, cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

“If the doctor picks up on any factors which could lead to health problems, they will advise individuals on lifestyle changes to help them stay well.”

GP Dr Adam Janjua commented: “We now know only a small fraction of people with underlying health issues are diagnosed early on in their illness.

“Major killers such as diabetes, heart, vascular and kidney diseases can often be prevented by identifying a patient’s risk factors earlier in life.

“High blood pressure, for example, is a major cause of strokes and can remain undetected and without symptoms until it is too late.”