Mystery surrounds death of Nelson garage boss (45)

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Mystery continues to surround the death of a loving family man from Nelson who died from the toxic affects of amphetamine.

Garage owner Mr Tasleem Hussain Raza Shah was pronounced dead at Royal Blackburn Hospital on July 19th.

A post-mortem examination by pathologist Dr Deepa Jacob found he had died from amphetamine toxicity, after taking ecstasy tablets.

An inquest at Burnley Coroner’s Court heard Mr Shah (45) had taken ecstasy tablets at the home of relative Kaleem Shah in Fern Bank, Nelson, an action his family says was “completely out of character”.

The inquest heard from Mr Shah’s widow, Nargas Khan, who said she believed her husband had taken them unknowingly.

The inquest heard Mr Shah had been celebrating Eid with his family when he received a call from Kaleem.

Coroner Mr Richard Taylor heard evidence that, at some point in the evening, Mr Shah went into another room in the house. When Kaleem later went to check on him, he had collapsed.

Mrs Khan said: “My husband would never knowingly take ecstasy.

“I think the drugs got into his system without him knowing. I spoke to him on the phone around 9pm but when I called again at 10-30pm his phone was switched off. He never switched his phone off.”

DC Darren Irving, of Pendle CID, said police could not prove how the drugs had got into Mr Shah’s system.

Kaleem was called to give evidence at the inquest, but did not appear.

He said in a statement that Mr Shah had brought the drugs to his house and had taken three and a half tablets.

Mr Taylor recorded an open conclusion. He said: “It is telling that Kaleen Shah has chosen not to come to this inquest and give evidence. There is no evidence of recent drug-taking by Mr Shah, and his family say it was out of character.”