Nelson body-builder sets her sights on global rule

Catherine Hosker-Brothers Burnley
Catherine Hosker-Brothers Burnley
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A NELSON engineer and fitness fanatic has set her sights on global domination despite missing out on gold at the world championships.

Catherine Hosker-Brothers clinched second place at the National Amateur Body-Builders Association (NABBA) World Championships in Dublin.

The 29-year-old, who has only been competing for three years, has cemented her place among the top athletes on the planet in the toned figure category.

But Catherine’s husband and trainer Martyn is confident she will be back bigger, stronger and gunning for gold next year.

He said: “To get to the world championships is a great achievement. It is one of the top events in the world and body-builders like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“Catherine wants to be the world’s number one. She very nearly achieved that this year. She got second place this year which is amazing. Last year she got 5th place so she has come on so much in just 12 months.”

Catherine, who has already clinched England and UK tones figure titles, flew out to the championships in Dublin to compete for the world crown.

She faced up against 12 other female athletes from across the globe performing routines on stage in front of expert judges.

But all the hard work building up to the showcase event is done in the gym with Catherine completing a gruelling training and diet regime.

The engineer, who works at Fort Vale in Nelson, starts her punishing programme at 5 am with a 45-minute cardio session, before she heads to work for a 10-hour shift. She is back in the gym at night to do a hard session of weights, followed by another 45 minutes on the treadmill.

Martyn explained that Catherine has made a lot of sacrifices to become a top-level athlete

“It is tough training. I train her hard. She really goes through it because you have got to make every workout count.

“If you want something badly enough you have got to work hard at the gym. It is the lifestyle we lead.

“She has put so much work in this year and her figure has got a lot better. She has come so far in just three years. It is incredible.”

He is confident that Catherine will bring the world title back to East Lancashire next year.