Pendle Leisure team complete world’s toughest ‘mud challenge’

tough mudder2
tough mudder2
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A TEAM from Pendle has successfully completed the toughest challenge in the world!

Members and instructors from Pendle Leisure Centre in Colne competed in Tough Mudder 2012.

tough mudder

tough mudder

With the team name Mud, Sweat and Beers, a total of 10 people signed up to the challenge – four instructors and six gym members.

Pendle Leisure Trust gym instructors Andy Pickard, John Bannister, Danny Kelly and Sean Malkin led a team made up of Helen Kalan, Tony Robinson, Wayne Hampshire, Kelly Mulligan, Amy Smith and Lee Nuttall.

The challenge, at Cholmondeley Castle Gardens in Cheshire, consisted of a half marathon distance course with 28 obstacles, designed by the British Special Forces. These challenges included running through fire, jumping into ice-filled lakes and being electrocuted!

Andy Pickard said: “I asked some members who had achieved great success at our gym to train with our instructors and ultimately take part in the challenge.”

For two months, the team trained hard together, completing various indoor and outdoor sessions tailored to the Tough Mudder obstacles. This included running through rivers, crawling through muddy fields and swimming in nearby open water.

Andy added: “We did it! And what an experience it was – both physically and mentally. But I am very proud to say all members of Mud, Sweat and Beers battled through the elements and crossed the finish line together.

 “Over 8,000 people took part in it over the weekend and many didn’t finish. People were being rescued from the water by lifeguards and collapsing on the course with hypothermia. The cold temperatures both in the water and out turned out to be our biggest challenge.

“Each member of the team struggled at some point, especially with the 10,000 volt electrocution obstacle and the freezing underwater tunnels. But they showed incredible courage and determination to overcome their fears to finish the course and collect the famous orange headband. 

“As a personal trainer at Pendle Leisure Centre in Colne, I have worked closely with each team member and seen their progression and ultimately shared in their success, going from an inactive lifestyle to conquering the toughest event on the planet.

“I would like to thank our sponsors, Pendle Leisure Trust, for supporting us throughout, our families and friends who made the journey to cheer us on and most importantly to the Mud Sweat and Beers team for all their effort.

 “I can’t express enough how proud I am of everyone who took part – to come from where they started from to completing Tough Mudder is absolutely amazing.”