Skate park ‘danger’ to teens

Kieran Holt who injured his face on Barnoldswick skate park (s)
Kieran Holt who injured his face on Barnoldswick skate park (s)
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A former town councillor has blasted the state of Barnoldswick skate park claiming it is a danger to teenagers.

Kate Metcalfe, who is part of a group set up to raise £200,000 for a new facility, said the skate park, in Victory Park, is outdated and unsafe for youngsters and claimed many have been injured by sharp edges and damaged surfaces.

Barnoldswick skate park (s)

Barnoldswick skate park (s)

But bosses at Pendle Council said they have been forced to repair the park after it was repeatedly targeted by vandals throwing rocks at the equipment and added they have spent £5,000 on fixing the facility in the last six months.

“A lot of the teenagers have hurt themselves and some of the stories are quite harrowing,” she said. “One young boy, Kieran Holt, came off his scooter and sliced his face.

“Another lad lost a tooth and someone else had a hole in his knee. There’s a child injured every weekend.”

But Mr Philip Mousdale, the council’s corporate director, said: “We’re aware that this is a popular skate park and when it was damaged six months ago we repaired it as quickly as possible.

“Disappointingly, the skate park has again been vandalised by people throwing rocks at the ramps.

“We carried out some small repairs using a fibreglass filler to ensure that the skate park can continue to be used safely until permanent repairs can be carried out.

“These will be done by a specialist ramp contractor within the next few weeks.”

The fund-raising group, most of them youngsters aged between 10 and 16, announced plans earlier this year to try and raise enough cash to revamp the facility.

They will hold a fund-raiser in the park on Sunday and have already contacted some businesses in the area to ask for sponsorship.

The event, between noon and 4pm, will feature music from two scratch DJs, break dancers, a fair, and a performance from a band.

Any businesses who want to sponsor the group or donate can contact Kate Metcalfe on 07772055040.