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FANS of Sky Soccer Sunday viewing the Manchester United vs Spurs game and devotees of “Coronation Street” on Monday this week will have seen the launch of Reebok CrossFit’s “Sport of Fitness” advertising campaign in the UK during the commercial breaks.

In fact the “helicopters” in the advert bringing the Sport of Fitness to the UK had already touched down in Clitheroe in late 2010, with the opening of the CrossFit Clitheroe – the first of its kind in Lancashire.

The spectacular 60-second advert was the first to showcase Reebok’s support for CrossFit and CrossFit Clitheroe has been at the centre of the campaign. Owners Tony Cross, Chris Templeman and Joanne Cross were invited to Reebok’s HQ in Manchester this year by Mike Kratochwill, the US Head of Reebok’s Worldwide CrossFit Campaign, to hear about the launch and the trio were able to give the American valuable knowledge of the sport and its growth in the UK.

The new advert celebrates the community aspect of CrossFit and, in keeping with that ethos, the Clitheroe gym has issued a open invitation to members of the public to come and try out at one of their popular Saturday morning team games.

“CrossFit is as much about community as sport,” said Tony Cross, “so we’ve issued an open invitation to join us for a community workout this Saturday (March 10th) at 9 a.m. at CrossFit Clitheroe, in Primrose Road. Everyone is welcome, young, old, anyone, whatever their state of fitness.”

One person though who will not be there will be former Padiham resident Angela Caine, who is part of the design staff at Reebok’s world HQ in Boston. She was introduced to the owners by Mike Kratochwill and when in Padiham at Christmas she took time out to train at the Clitheroe gym. Now she is a firm fan and has vowed to return on each visit home.

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