Worries over treatment over Pendle Aids patients - MP speaks out

andrew mp
andrew mp

Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson has asked six Parliamentary questions on HIV and Aids after being contacted by a constituent concerned about the support available locally.

While there is no information available about the number of people affected living in Pendle, there were 126 diagnosed HIV-infected individuals living in East Lancashire in 2009.

However, many more could be unaware of their infection as the Health Protection Agency has estimated there are 81,500 people were living with HIV in England, of whom 26% were unaware of their infection.

The MP said: “June, 2011 marked 30 years since the first discovery of the HIV virus. Highly effective treatment where it has been widely available has transformed HIV infection from a fatal to a chronic manageable condition, but has that led to a loss of focus on warning people of the dangers of HIV?

“The ongoing high rates of HIV diagnoses have resulted in a steady rise in the number of people living with HIV, and HIV infection rates in the UK are expected to reach 100,000 by 2012. We seem to have health promotion campaigns on everything these days, yet despite increasing infection rates HIV seems to have again become a taboo subject.”