Help! One of our eagles is missing

A hawk-eyed Padiham resident believes he has spotted a huge eagle soaring majestically above the town.

Tuesday, 19th April 2016, 4:24 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th April 2016, 5:29 pm
Homer, Alaska, United States --- Bald Eagle in mid-air flight over Homer Spit Kenai Peninsula Alaska Winter --- Image by © AlaskaStock/Corbis

Nigel Saul, who lives in Thompson Street, rang the Express to say he had seen a huge eagle flying over the town centre on Tuesday afternoon, similar in size to an American bald eagle.

Nigel said: “I know quite a lot about birds of prey, and this was much bigger than our domestic varieties.

“It must have escaped from somewhere. It had a huge wingspan and looked similar to an American bald eagle or a white-tailed sea eagle, which are found in Scotland.

“It was the size of a heron but its head, neck and breast were pale yellow. It then headed off towards Pendle.”