Help raise funds for Colne’s little Louie

Louie Jenkins (2) in his portable bath.
Louie Jenkins (2) in his portable bath.
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The family of a Colne meningitis survivor will soon be swinging back into action to raise as much money as possible for their growing little boy.

In a couple of months, the Jenkins family aim to be back on the fund-raising bandwagon to ensure their battler Louie (2) can continue being given the best quality of life.

Louie contracted meningococcal septicaemia last year, and has since received an overwhelming response from the local community.

Events and donations have all contributed to his fund, the “Little Lamb Appeal”, and now it is hoped enough cash can be made to buy Louie a downstairs wet room and bedroom for the new family home, in Chatham Street.

Although official quotes are yet to be made, it is estimated that £30,000 will be what it takes to buy the life-changing extension.

Louie’s mum Julie had initially said the family would be taking a step back from fund-raising in 2013 due to the demands of moving house and organising Louie’s second birthday party in July.

However, with Louie getting too big for his baby bath, it has been decided now is the right time to get the ball rolling again.

Julie (30) said: “It’s definitely time to get back out there now. We need to change things for Louie.”

The mum-of-two added that fund-raising ideas are already in the pipeline, including a sponsored walk in Alkincoats Park.

A suggestion has also been made to host a sponsored swim – to celebrate Louie’s recent achievement of swimming independently.

Once again, the Jenkins would be delighted to hear from anybody who can help in raising money, and have said they will try and attend any event that is set up for Louie.

Julie added: “The community support has been fantastic.

“To think that they could be there for us again, and to see what improvements could be made to Louie’s life would be wonderful.

“We do try to support everybody that is supporting us, and show them how Louie is developing.”

Louie had both of his legs amputated below the knee and also lost all the fingers on his left hand and the tips of his fingers on his right hand after he was rushed to hospital in January 2012.

He has since been going from strength to strength, taking his first steps on prosthetic legs in February this year.

Julie added: “He is doing really well, and has got very mobile with his legs on.

“He is at that stage where he needs something to hold onto.

“He is just a typical little boy who likes bricks and cars, and socialising.”

To make a donation on PayPal follow the link on the Facebook page at

l On Sunday Julie will be at Keighley Agricultural Show with two representatives from the Meningitis Trust.

She will be there handing out leaflets, raising awareness, and talking to the public.