Historic film to go on show

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Historic film footage of Nelson in the Sixties is going to go on show at the town’s ACE Centre on Tuesday, October 8th.

It is the Pendle Movie Makers who are showing it. A short version of their film on the end of the Towel Mill in Barrowford won “Best Documentary” in the region recently.

Its secretary is retired vet Mr Peter Copestake, one of the North-West’s better known amateur film makers, and he said: “This record of the life of Nelson, made by Pendle Film Society over the year 1962, was sponsored by the then Nelson Town Council, which paid for the cost of the film. It was handed back to the club when the change to Pendle took place, I think. Anyway, we took care of it for many years, then – thinking it might be of interest to look back on – we transferred it to VHS and then DVD, in which form it is on sale at Pendle Heritage Centre. The object of the public showing, which I understand from Coun. Tony Beckett will be free, is to let people who were not around at the time see something of Nelson life 50 years ago so that they will understand why we have been attempting to film an update. We have film footage of the Arndale Centre being built, the demolition that preceded it and a lot of the changes to Nelson since, plus many of the special occasions, Royal visits etc., especially since 2000.

“Some of the local industry has also been filmed, but I feel that what we have is not representative and would like more invitations to film in local businesses. If we don’t call an end to filming and start editing, this project will never get finished and I have promised the club that I will start editing in 2014. Help us to make it a good record.”

So the film footage is on show at the ACE in Cross Street from 7-30pm, with the doors open from 7pm, on October 8th. It even includes our newspaper staff back then!