HISTORY: Unique Colne street that has been lost

editorial image

FROM the Crown Hotel to the Commercial Hotel in Colne, along the main street on both sides, only one street ran up instead of down.

And here in this week’s column picture is a rare view of that now sadly lost unique street.

Yes, here looking across the road from Market Place – or as old Colners call it, “Swan Croft” – we can see the upward-running Court Street.

It was named Court Street due to this ancient through-fare leading into Newhouse Street (originally named Newhouse Backside) where stood Colne’s court house and lock-up, which were demolished – for no reason whatsoever – in the year 1961.

Court Street would survive for another 15 years until the Market Street Health Centre development of 1976-7, which saw the knocking down of seven shops – which included Ernest Packham’s Fish, Fruit and Poultry shop and the old world former Bay Horse Inn.

As for Court Street it now lies under the neoteric health centre, but its 1875 cast-iron street sign is rescued and preserved – in my old Colne collection.