Hospital trust’s campaign to visit Colne

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East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust has launched its “Tell Ellie” campaign as part of its plan to increase engagement with patients, families and the public.

And the campaign trailer will be visiting Colne Market Hall on Wednesday from 10am to 2pm. where the public are encouraged to come meet members of the trust to find out more about how to get involved and give their views on how services are run in the trust and what the trust can do to improve things.

Jim Birrell, Interim Chief Executive, said: “Ellie (which stands for East Lancashire Listens, Involves and Engages) will make it much easier for the public to get involved with the trust.

“We really wanted to make our engagement campaign as clear and accessible as possible so it is supported by a short film featuring ‘Ellie’ that people can watch online explaining what we are doing, why we are doing it and how people can give us their views in the way in which services are run in their trust.

“We really want to instil a sense of ownership – the trust belongs to the people in the local area so we want to hear from you and we will respond to your suggestions and comments.

“People can phone, write or contact us through our website and social media platforms but I’d really encourage the public to get involved.”

A dedicated website has been set up and the trust is also using Facebook and Twitter to make it easy for people to engage in the way they prefer if they are unable to visit the trailer.

Visit, visit the trust’s Facebook site at /talktoellie or its Twitter feed at @talktoellie

or call 01254 733618.