‘I Love Nelson’ campaign gets under way

The new look Nelson town centre. A150811/6b
The new look Nelson town centre. A150811/6b

A WOMAN who moved to Nelson from London last year is launching a campaign to encourage people to love the town.

“I Love Nelson, Lancashire,” is the brainchild of Walker, of Chapel Street, to get more people to shop in Nelson instead of going to out-of-town retail parks and supermarkets.

She is setting up an online directory of Nelson businesses, events and services.

Walker said she came up with the idea after seeing negative comments about the town on Facebook.

“I moved up to Nelson in October. I was made redundant in London and, for various reasons, it looked unlikely I would get another job.

“I sold my flat and bought two properties here. I went on Nelson Lancashire Facebook group and all I could see was people posting a lot of pictures of Nelson and saying how great it was.

“I asked people what’s good about it now but people were struggling to tell me anything good.”

Walker has visited a number of businesses in town so she can add their details to the directory but is urging as many as possible to contact her to speed up the process.

The I Love Nelson slogan is “helping yourself to a brighter future” and Walker, who has the backing of Pendle Council and Nelson Town Council, hopes it will help people take pride in the town. She is also asking shops to reward customers with discounts as an incentive to shop locally.

“I hate shopping and if I can’t buy it in Asda I order it online so I’m going to have to change my habits as well,” she said.

“People go to the big supermarkets as they can get everything there. If shops in Nelson offer a discount of 10% it’s an incentive for people to shop here.”

Any businesses which want to register for the directory can do so via the website ilovenelson.co.uk or by emailing ilovenelson@talktalk.net.