I never believed Trawden Show would be a success

Trawden Show.
Trawden Show.
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We recently had the annual Trawden Agricultural Show, one of the biggest and best of its kind in England.

Now when the idea of launching a show in the village was dreamed up by three men over a drink in a village watering hole more than 30 years ago, Mr Pendle was a mere news reporter covering the story.

Living in the village at the time, he allowed himself a quiet chuckle and thought perhaps the evening had gone a little bit too well and wished them all the best.

It will never work, he said to himself.

There will be too much work to do, not enough people will be interested, there are too many other things for them to do and so on, went his thoughts.

Of course, Mr Pendle has long since swallowed more than one large piece of humble pie. He was wrong on every count, because the idea did work and enough people were interested.

The show has been a massive success and once again thousands of people flocked to the village to attend the 2013 show on Sunday.

And the legacy that the show’s three wise men, Ian Waddington, Steve Land and Bill Cottam, have left is that if you believe in something and go for it hard enough, there is every chance of achieving your goals.