'I've been having stand up rows in the road with people' - Burnley motorist is fed up of town's problem roundabout

Paul Thomson is fed up of people ignoring signs at the A679 roundabout
Paul Thomson is fed up of people ignoring signs at the A679 roundabout

A furious Burnley motorist is demanding answers over a troublesome roundabout that he says has led to him being involved in at least a dozen altercations.

Paul Thomson said he was being driven round the bend by fellow motorists refusing to obey the signs at the A679 roundabout off Active Way, near to Burnley College and Asda.

The roundabout in question was reconfigured last year with new traffic lights fitted and new road markings laid out.

At the time, the “confusing” layout of lanes approaching the roundabout went on to generate huge debate on social media in Burnley with many motorists claiming they did not know which lane to take.

And it would seem the problems remain with Paul saying it has been causing him motoring nightmares for months.

“I train a lot at Muscle Factory and so I travel across that roundabout at least three times a day,” said Paul, who owns Triggers sandwich shop and is a champion bodybuilder. “I bet I have had somebody verbally abusing me at least once a week for the past six months.

"It’s not well laid out but the signs are there and I want the people who have been shouting abuse at me to know they are in the wrong. I’ve had old ladies having a go at me, young blokes; everybody.

“I had one chap telling me he was driving before I was even born. I’ve been out of my car having stand up rows with people. It’s getting ridiculous.

“I put something on my Facebook a while go about it and there were loads of comments about how dangerous it was. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a bump there every day. I’ve had a few close shaves myself.”

The right hand lane is the correct lane for motorists to use when turning towards B and M, while the left lane should be used to turn to Halfords and straight towards the Town Mouse pub and car parks.

Paul added: “I’ve contacted the highways agency because something needs sorting. I only know that I’m 100% in the right because it was actually pointed out to me months ago that I was in the wrong lane. It is confusing but once I realised, that was it, I make sure I’m in the right lane now.

“All I’m trying to do is tell tell motorists that they’re in the wrong lane and all they’re interested in is firing abuse at me.

“I’m not sure what the highways agency can do but it definitely needs looking at.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: "Some changes have been made to the signs and road markings at this roundabout following a routine safety audit and reports of poor lane discipline.

"Recent assessments since the changes were made have noted a marked improvement in driver behaviour, and therefore we are not considering any further changes at the moment.

"However we will continue to monitor driver behaviour to ensure people are continuing to use the roundabout appropriately. The police have powers to take action against dangerous and inconsiderate driving, and incidents can be reported using the non-emergency number 101."