I’ve had enough of pampered, over-paid Premier League footballers

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Here we go again, folks.

Yes, the new Premier League football season has kicked off.

And we all know what that means.

Pampered, over-rated and over-paid players whining about how badly done by they are and how they must have a transfer while at the same time demanding the type of weekly salary many people will not earn in 10 years.

Posturing managers making ridiculous statements – dubbed equally ridiculously by the sporting press as “mind games” – in an attempt to unsettle the opposition before an important game.

The same managers who see every foul – and some that aren’t – committed against their team but then mysteriously have a temporary loss of vision a few minutes later when, if you will pardon the pun, the boot is on the other foot.

And those of us whose interest in the “beautiful game” is not what it once was will have even more to put up with than usual this season, with the World Cup in Brazil next summer.

Personally, Mr Pendle will be more interested in a World Cup that is taking place in England and Wales in two months time – the Rugby League World Cup.

But unless you are a fan of the game, you probably haven’t heard about it.

The new Premier League football season promises to be a long and winding road – and Mr Pendle suspects he will not be the only one who will be turning off long before the journey’s end.