Injured soldier misses Mothers’ Day treat

Athina Sitaras (right) with her mum and sister. (S)
Athina Sitaras (right) with her mum and sister. (S)
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A soldier from Blacko missed out on a Mother’s Day trip home after dislocating her shoulder in a training incident.

Athina Sitaras had hoped to be returning to Pendle on Sunday to see her mum Tricia Horne before disaster struck in a freak accident on Friday.

Athina, who is based at Tidworth in Wiltshire, had been hoping to use the national Mum Miles service put on by car manufacturer Dacia.

The company was using a fleet of its Duster SUV model to ferry children home to their mothers up and down the country.

This followed research that 60% of mums would not see their children on Mothering Sunday.

Almost a third of those (31%) could not afford to go and see her or did not have the transport to make the trip, while a further 16% would not have time to go and see their mum in person.

But despite having the Dacia waiting to go, Athina’s journey home was dashed with the order that she had to rest.

Athina said: “Training with the military takes me away from home and family for long periods.

“I know that for my mum, family time is really important, so I was really looking forward to using the Dacia Mum Miles service to spoil my mum and remind her how much I care.

“Unfortunately I dislocated my shoulder during training exercise on Friday.

“I’ve been put on bed rest and was gutted that I couldn’t make the trip.

“Even though I’m still recovering, I’m going to keep some Mother’s Day resolutions – like making time to call her, rather than waiting for her to call me. My mum’s a star, she’s always there for me.”