Inspirational Trawden mum launches online blog

HAPPY FAMILY: Megan Neve, Leila Neve and Charlotte Neve
HAPPY FAMILY: Megan Neve, Leila Neve and Charlotte Neve
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AN inspirational Trawden mum whose little girl suffered a rare brain haemorrhage has launched an online blog to share her story.

Leila Neve’s life was completely changed in April when her apparently healthy daughter, Charlotte - who celebrates her eighth birthday today - was rushed to Airedale Hospital following bleeding to her brain.

Not only was the haemorrhage deemed to be extremely serious, but the former Trawden Forest Primary School pupil consequently suffered a series of strokes and surgeons expected that she would not survive.

Now Leila is letting others read about her journey through daily posts on her blog, and share the incredible story of how one poorly little girl managed to defy the odds and begin a “miracle” recovery.

Leila, who is also mum to Megan (12), said: “It’s turned into quite a therapeutic thing really. It helps me put things in order.

“When Charlotte became ill, I was looking for information and there wasn’t much out there. A lot of people have asked questions as well about how I managed to get support for Charlotte.

“I hope it will help anyone else who is going through a similar situation.

“If just one person reads it, and takes something positive from it, then it would be fantastic.”

The extent of the damage caused by the haemorrhage and stroke meant that when Charlotte, who now attends West Street Community Primary School, came out of a coma for a second time, she was forced to re-learn everything. And while she does still have scarring in and around her brain, and does suffer from weakness, she is said to be recovering exceptionally well and is slowly recovering her speech, her ability to eat, and her passion for learning.

Leila (32), who used to work in recruitment, before becoming Charlotte’s carer, said: “She’s coming on really well. This was a little girl who hadn’t even had a cold, who had never been poorly, and one day she just didn’t wake up.”

l To read Leila’s blog visit, and for more information on Charlotte’s condition visit www.childbrain