Jail warning for wife beater

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A POLISH man who assaulted his wife thought the British made too much fuss about wife beating, a court heard.

Drunken Artur Jarek Sroka had threatened to kill Katarzyna Sroka while she had a small child in her arms and punched her, Pennine magistrates were told.

Sroka (35), formerly of Colne Road, Brierfield, was said to think the British system “put too much emphasis” on domestic violence. He admitted assault by beating last December 3rd.

The defendant, now of Florence Avenue, Burnley, was given a community order with 80 hours unpaid work. He must pay £285 in compensation and costs.

The Bench told the defendant what he had done was very serious in this country. He was warned he would go to jail if he did anything similar again. The chairman added: “We think it’s very serious. I know you don’t, but it’s time you did.”

Mr Mark Williams, defending, said Sroka caused little or no injury and had been very drunk at the time. He was a hard working man. The solicitor added: “The defendant hopes the parties can be reconciled.”