JAILED: Addict (19) who delivered crack for dealer

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A teenage cocaine addict who delivered “crack” for his dealer to work off a debt has been locked up for two years.

Burnley Crown Court head how college student Mehran Khan, now 19, received more than 170 brief, drug-supply related calls on his mobile phone over two 

Khan had four £20 deals of the drug and £220 cash on him when he was arrested last July.

He also had almost £500 at his house.

The hearing was told how about an hour before police stopped a car the defendant was in, he had sent a message from his phone to 13 mobile numbers – which 
police say were drugs adverts to potential customers.

Khan, who has never been in trouble before and was described by his barrister as a “young man with real promise,” owned up on the basis he had run up the debt after developing a cocaine habit in the months before last July and delivered drugs for a matter of days only.

The defendant, of Colne Road, Burnley, admitted possessing crack cocaine with intent to supply, last July 8th. He was sent to a young offenders’ institution.

Prosecutor Stephen Parker told the hearing two police officers on mobile patrol near Burnley centre saw a vehicle with the defendant in the front passenger seat.

Mr Parker said: “The defendant was interviewed on the same day and gave a mixture of no comment and some answers, but he didn’t make admissions to the offence.”

Philip Holden (defending) said: “He knew what was likely to happen were he to refuse to accede to the requests made of him.

“He knows what the sentencing guidelines are. He was shocked, as was his family.”