Jay launches charity song for ‘vibrant’ Edward

Jay Stansfield, taken by Donno Craddock. (s)
Jay Stansfield, taken by Donno Craddock. (s)
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A Nelson singer-songwriter has written an uplifting charity ballad in memory of a child who died of sepsis and meningitis.

Jay Stansfield, frontman of punk-rock band ALL HAIL HYENA! will release A Song For Edward at 11am today on all the major music platforms such as Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.

Edward Dee. (s)

Edward Dee. (s)

The musician, who owns The Songwriting Company, was commissioned to create the track in tribute to Edward Dee who died 18 months ago at just 10-years-old.

All the proceeds will go towards The Edward Dee Fund, a charity which raises awareness of the two diseases.

Jay said: “It was a great honour and I felt humbled to be asked to write a song so personal to people.

“I wanted it to represent his nice, happy energy and caring nature.

Liz and Edward. (s)

Liz and Edward. (s)

“It was a mind-boggling and emotional journey as I’m a sensitive person who picks up on people’s emotions.”

The boy’s mum, Liz Dee (48), said the song perfectly captures Edward’s vibrant character.

She added: “It’s about love and stories, and remembers a positive child who had a massive impact on the community and inspired a lot of people.”

Liz also hopes it will direct people towards The Edward Dee Fund which offers life-saving information.

“We want to put sepsis and meningitis on people’s radar as they can affect anybody,” she said.

“They don’t discriminate between fat and thin, young and old. People think meningitis is a childhood illness but no-one is immune to it.

“I’m not trying to frighten people but make them aware of the symptoms which could be dismissed as signs of flu or a hangover.

“Neither illness was on my radar as a parent of three children but now I tell people about preventative treatments like vaccines.”

Both Jay and Liz hope the power of music will help them reach as many people as possible.

Jay said: “Great music exists on another level: it triggers emotions, fires people up and stays with you. So we’re hoping for radio plays, covers, and blog reviews to push the new song forward.

“I have a vision of four or five major artists making covers and getting it to number one. It’s a big dream but I’ll try my best.”

For more information or to make a donation please visit theedwarddeefund.org

Or to sponsor Liz in her fundraising efforts, please send an email to contact@theedwarddeefun