Just turn off the TV if you’ve had a humour bypass

Classic Carry On movie with Barbara Windsor
Classic Carry On movie with Barbara Windsor
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There was much talk the other week about the amount of sexual innuendo seen by some in the comments made by a presenter during one of the countless baking programmes that clog up our television programmes.

Not having watched the said programme, Mr Pendle can only go off what he read about the furore in the papers about some presenter coming out with a remark about someone’s tart having a soggy bottom.

Most people laughed it off - but not everyone.

Now if these people take offence at a throwaway line like that, what would they have made at some of the seaside postcards which were all the rage half a century ago - and maybe still are today?

And what about the suggestive but perfectly innocent humour contained in some of the 1970s sit coms such as “Are You Being Served?”

“Soggy bottoms” is the sort of line which writers Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft would have scripted for Mrs Slocombe and which have had the audience in fits of laughter.

But not any more, it would seem.

The mad, mad world of political correctness rears its ugly head once again and po-faced puritanism is the order of the day.

Anything with the remotest double meaning must be subjected to the red pencil of the censor.

Have these people had a humour bypass – and have they never thought of turning the programme off if they are so offended?