Kelbrook firm has ‘nothing to hide’ in fumes row

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BOSSES at a Kelbrook aerospace firm have said residents who have made complaints about fuel odour are welcome to look around and see “there is nothing to hide”.

Environmental health officers investigated operations at Euravia after a summer of complaints about engine fume smells.

A neutraliser has now been installed at the site in Colne Road and Pendle Council’s Public Health Manager, Richard Walsh, assured councillors and residents there are no concerns over public health.

He said: “We carried out an extensive investigation involving a lot of officer time. As soon as we established there was an odour, Euravia was very quick to respond.”

Euravia provides an overhaul and repair service for commercial aircraft engines and generators. Odorous fumes are extracted from the company’s testing cell.

Mr Walsh said: “During previous investigations, officers had been unable to establish the existence of a statutory odour nuisance due to the intermittent frequent and short duration of the testing. Records show actual testing is carried out on average for 15 hours a week.”

When the issue was raised with Euravia, an odour neutralising system was commissioned, which has now been installed.

Staff have also been told to limit the amount of time engines are idling during testing as much as possible to reduce emissions.

Mr Walsh said studies conducted by the Environmental Hazards and Emergencies Departments of the Health Protection Agency, had concluded the fumes were unlikely to cause adverse health effects.

He added: “We are still in the process of collecting as much information as we can to alleviate the complainants’ worries.”