Labour denies Seedhill recycling centre plan

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The Labour-run Lancashire County Council has reacted angrily to Conservative claims that it is in talks with Liberal Democrat councillors to open a household waste recycling centre on the site of the former Seedhill Stadium in Carr Road, Nelson.

The claim was made in a party election leaflet circulated in the Carr Hall area this week which said people had been “kept in the dark” over the plans and urgeing them to vote for the Tories in order to stop it.

However, the leader of the Labour group on Pendle Council and County Councillor for Brierfield and Nelson North Coun. Mohammed Iqbal said “The Conservative Party has severely let down local residents in Pendle with their latest campaign of misinformation.

“The Tories closed down the former Colne Recycling centre in 2009 in the face of significant public protest and since then, the Labour Party has demonstrated a clear commitment to putting right the mess they left behind.

“The Conservatives have clearly run out of steam. They can spend their time politicking and making allegations against their opponents, we will be getting on with the job at hand; delivering the investment we need in business, employment, infrastructure and the vital public services we all all rely on.”

And Cabinet Member for Public Protection and Waste at Lancashire County Council, County Coun. Janice Hanson, said: “Around 8,000 residents signed the petition to oppose the Conservative’s closure of the former Colne Recycling Centre in 2009 and we are now in the process of beginning to look for a location for alternative waste recycling provision in Pendle to put right the damage they did.

“The options for what these recycling facilities will be and where they will be situated is still under consideration. Despite what the Conservatives have alleged, there has certainly not been any specific site identified or proposed as of yet.”

“The Conservatives have slashed Government funding for Pendle and sent it to some of the wealthiest councils in the South East, they have announced plans, thankfully defeated by the Labour Party, to cut three out of every five street lights in Lancashire and are now engaged in a desperate campaign of misinformation.

“Residents in Pendle deserve better.”