Labour vows to vote against ‘silly’ elected Mayor proposal

Nelson Town Hall.'Photo Ben Parsons
Nelson Town Hall.'Photo Ben Parsons
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Labour councillors have vowed to vote against a Conservative proposal to have an elected Mayor of Pendle.

Conservative leader Coun. Joe Cooney is set to table the motion at the full meeting of Pendle Council tonight.

Labour’s leader of the council, Coun. Mohammed Iqbal, has branded it a “silly ill-thought idea” ahead of the meeting and said his party would vote against it.

Coun. Iqbal said: “At a time when the Tory government has reduced funding to Pendle Borough Council by over 50% since 2010, here we have a display of internal civil arguments within the Tory party as to who wants to be a one man/woman Mayor of Pendle.

“It will cost tens of thousands of pounds to run elections and administer the office of the Mayor. This is a silly ill-thought idea and makes a fool of the residents of Pendle we are here to serve.”

Labour’s deputy leader, Coun. Mohammed Hanif, described it as “an extreme case of sour grapes” after Coun. Cooney’s removal as leader in May while Southfield Ward’s Coun. Sheila Wicks said the process would cost “in excess of £100,000”.

Bradley Ward’s Coun. Mohammed Sakib added: “People living in my ward are already approaching me about the difficulty decisions they have to make on a daily basis about their children’s future and here we have the Tory party led by their MP choosing to put their party politics ahead of the people who elected them.

“They should be ashamed of their actions and withdraw this silly motion.”