LANESHAW BRIDGE: Campaigners press for demolition and rebuilding of primary school

Laneshaw Bridge
Laneshaw Bridge
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SUPPORTERS of plans to demolish and rebuild Laneshaw Bridge Primary School have come out in force to launch a campaign promoting the scheme.

This comes after the parish council and Pendle Council’s Colne Committee announced that they are opposing the school expansion plans, worried that they would be detrimental to villagers.

On Tuesday supporters gathered at the school, unveiling a banner urging the whole community to get behind them.

The campaigners fear that if the scheme is not passed the only option would be an extension of the present school on to the village’s recreation ground.

Former pupil and ex-parish councillor, Paul White said: “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a huge investment in education within our community and to miss out on that would be a travesty.

“I’d ask the residents to put aside personal prejudices and think of children of future generations who will benefit as we have. We’re talking about a better start in life for thousands of children over time, long after we have left the village.”

Residents opposed to the school’s plans have expressed concerns over the size of the proposed new building and the impact it would have on existing traffic problems in the village.

But Mr White said: “We need to stop and think of the huge benefits this school will bring to the village. A new school will provide further employment and would also ease traffic congestion on Emmott Lane as parents would be able to pull in to the new school grounds.

“There are also plans for the building to be available for community use, as we are very short of those facilities at the moment.”

Another former pupil and deputy chief executive officer at XLCR Vehicle Management, Mark Crabtree, added: “With increasing numbers of pupils entering education year on year we must look to provide for those children and Laneshaw Bridge is the best place to do so with its excellent academic record.

“There is clear need for a new building as Lancashire County Council has increased the school intake and so larger accommodation must provide for that. At present the building is not fit for purpose and has expanded to its limits on the current site.”

The campaigners intend to send 255 letters of support of the plans to Lancashire County Council who will have the final verdict on whether the development goes ahead.