LEILA NEVE COLUMN: ‘Lottie Boxes could help brighten Christmas’

MOTHER AND DAUGHTER: Leila Neve and Charlotte 'Photo Ben Parsons
MOTHER AND DAUGHTER: Leila Neve and Charlotte 'Photo Ben Parsons
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Charlotte being in hospital for eight long weeks was the most frightening and lonely time of my life.

The only thing that gave me enough strength to keep going through another day of seeing my child hooked up to machines, seeing tubes come out of her brain, nose, mouth, and neck, seeing her unable to recognise me, was the support of my friends, family and community.

The support of friends and family is invaluable, but somehow, the messages of support from people all over the world, knowing that people who didn’t know us but had heard our story, gave us that extra bit of magic to keep going.

Because of that support, I sit writing this next to my daughters who are chatting away as any sisters might.

I can’t begin to imagine how much more difficult this is at Christmas and so, we are asking for donations of toys, books, crayons, chocolate, bubbles, bath goodies etc. (If it will fit in a shoebox and make someone smile then that’s perfect!) to be taken to one of our drop off points by December 15th.

We will then package up your gifts into “Lottie Boxes” and deliver them to the families in hospital during Christmas week.

You can take your donations to:

The Green Chimney, Colne

Nationwide Building Society, Burnley

The Neve Clinic, Burnley

Helen Green Academy of Dance, Colne

The Cotton Tree Inn, Trawden

You can also search “Lottie Box” on Facebook or go to our website, www.lottiebox.co.uk for more information.