Leisure boss’s shock at Wavelengths blaze

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A huge fire broke out at Nelson’s iconic Pendle Wavelengths leisure centre when up to 60 customers were inside.

The blaze started in the spa at the popular centre in Leeds Road shortly after 10am on Wednesday, but staff evacuated everyone immediately.

The scene of the fire at Wavelengths in Nelson.

The scene of the fire at Wavelengths in Nelson.

The shocked chief executive of Pendle Leisure Trust Mr Phil Storey, who was at the scene overseeing his staff, said: “Our main priority was obviously getting everyone out safely, and I’m pleased to say the staff did an excellent job in doing so.

“Many of the customers were taken to our designated fire meeting point at the nearby Pendle Community Hospital.

“We do not know how the fire started but it may have been an electrical fault in the sauna.

“The centre was very busy as usual with about 60 customers in the gym, pool and spa.

Wavelengths fire. (s)

Wavelengths fire. (s)

“We are concerned about what damage we might find when we can get back inside the building and I anticipate the centre will be closed for some weeks sadly.”

A number of fire engines from Nelson and Burnley attended the incident while police closed off roads leading to the centre.

Traffic in Nelson was reported to be at a standstill.

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