Local MEP backs Prime Minister’s stance on Europe

Sajjad Karim MEP (S)
Sajjad Karim MEP (S)

Pendle’s MEP Sajjad Karim has joined with his Conservative in Europe Leader Richard Ashworth in sending a letter of support to the Prime Minister following his speech on Europe on Wednesday.

David Cameron used his key note speech to set out his vision for the future of Europe and the reform of Britain’s relationship with the EU, followed by a referendum after the next general election which will get people to say yes or no to the EU relationship.

Cameron confirmed that completing the Single Market, attracting foreign direct investment into the UK and exercising strategic values in the eyes of our allies, particularly the United States must remain priorities.

“Membership of the single market was ‘absolutely vital’ for British business”, said Mr Karim. “One in five of all outside investments into Europe are made in Britain and the market needed to be extended into services, energy and digital sectors”

“The EU has many shortcomings and David Cameron has given the whole continent an opportunity to reform and build a better institution. It is bold and courageous and long overdue. Under David Cameron’s leadership the EU is already following a largely British agenda on from economic reform, deregulation, competition, trade and the environment.

“Completing the Single Market, attracting foreign direct investment into the UK and exercising our strategic values in the eyes of our allies must remain priorities. I and my colleagues will work tirelessly with the Prime Minister to get a much better deal for Britain and the North West. We want to be in Europe, at the heart of Europe but not run by Europe.”

He had, ahead of the Prime Minister’s speech, called for what he describes as the “3Rs” to be urgently examined.

Mr Karim – a former Pendle councillor – said: “Before any referendum is held, the British people need to be fully informed and aware of exactly what they will be voting for and just how it will affect our lives.”

Since William Hague announced an audit what the EU does across a wide range of issues last autumn, Mr Karim has been talking about the 3Rs:REVIEW – this is under way to determine that appropriate powers are exercised at the right level and ensure the British public receive full information about the EU. REFORM.

He said: “The EU needs fundamental reform and as Legal Affairs Spokesperson I have drafted and had approved new European Parliamentary rules to ensure that National Parliaments have a greater role.”