Man attacks partner for second time in nine days

Burnley Magistrates Court
Burnley Magistrates Court
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A MAN attacked his partner - nine days after being given a domestic violence programme for assaulting her, a court heard.

Martin Richard Blake was seen to headbutt Natasha Bridge and to have hit her and pushed her around in the street by a witness. The victim, who did not make a police statement, was to tell officers: “He just slapped me, that’s all.”

Pennine magistrates were told how Blake left Miss Bridge, who had been under the influence of alcohol, with a burst lip, blood on her face and visibly upset. He was arrested nearby.

The defendant (31), of Carleton Street, Nelson, admitted assault by beating. He was given a 12-month community order with a 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew, on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. He promised the Bench: “No more drinking.”

Mr Peter Wilde (prosecuting) said Blake had appeared in court on June 29th for battery and had been given supervision. Nine days later he struck again.

The assault had taken place on Primrose Street, Brierfield, and a passer-by would say the victim was headbutted after being pushed against a wall. Blake was said to have been very aggressive, was screaming and shouting and hitting her.

Mr Wilde said police were called and spoke to the victim. She refused to provide a statement and said the defendant had slapped her, not punched her.

Blake was arrested and made no comment. He was later questioned again, admitted slapping his girlfriend, said he had been on drink and drugs and it had affected his behaviour and memory.

Miss Joanne Howarth, for Blake, said he admitted pushing and slapping Miss Bridge. They had been at friends’, she had been drunk, he wouldn’t pour her another drink, she got upset and they argued.

The sentence imposed on June 29th had not really had time to take effect. The defendant was due to start on the domestic violence programme in November. The solicitor added: “Clearly, that’s the programme that he needs to be on.”