Man breaks leg in garden fishing fall

Avon Drive, Barnoldswick. Image courtesy of Google Street View.
Avon Drive, Barnoldswick. Image courtesy of Google Street View.
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A Barnoldswick man had to be rescued by the fire service last night when he slipped in his garden causing a “serious” leg break.

The 60-year-old man, who lives in Avon Drive, had slipped down the canal bank at the back of his property while doing a spot of evening fishing.

Fire crews from Barnoldswick and Earby attended the scene after a call came in at 10-37pm from the ambulance service requesting assistance. Once rescued, the man was taken to Royal Preston Hospital by road ambulance.

The rescue operation took an hour and although the man was talking, Fire Service Watch Manager Mick Strickland said he was in “severe pain” with a fractured right leg.

Mr Strickland said: “It was a serious leg break, both fibula and tibia were broken.

“The man had been climbing down the rear bank which was very steep and very slippy and I think his leg has just gone from under him.

“He was in a very precarious position close to the water. It was dark and a very challenging job which became time critical at one point. He did remarkably well considering.

“Once stabilised we used a scoop stretcher. Given the nature of the properties at Avon Drive, we had to bring him out the undergrowth and actually took him through the house next door because we thought it would be easier than coming back up the steep embankment behind his property.

“It was a taxing job but one made easier thanks to the tremendous joint effort between Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service and the North West Ambulance Service.”