Man feared illness if he didn’t get drink, court hears

Burnley Magistrates Court
Burnley Magistrates Court
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An alcoholic who stole two bottles of white wine worth almost £10 told police he would be ill if he didn’t get any drink, a court heard.

Kieron Tillotson (49) helped himself to the booze from the Co-op in Colne and walked out without paying.

He was followed from the shop towards the bus station by a staff member, who was assisted by a police community support officer.

Burnley magistrates were told as the officer walked towards the defendant, Tillotson went back towards the store assistant and she was able to retrieve the two bottles.

The defendant, who lives in a caravan on Birchenlee Lane, Colne, owned up to the police and said he did it because he was an alcoholic and had no money to buy drink and no benefits.

Prosecutor Mrs Tracy Yates told the hearing: “He said he went specifically to get two bottles of wine to drink as he knew he would be poorly if he didn’t get any alcohol.”

Tillotson, who has 29 offences on his record, was given a six month conditional discharge and was told to pay £50 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

He admitted the £9.98 theft from the Co-op in Market Street on September 1st.

Mr John Rusius (defending) said: “He turned to alcohol because of family problems and the offending coincides with when he has a problem with his benefits.”