Man labelled ‘totally irresponsible’ for Colne speedtrap sign

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A man who warned drivers of a “speedtrap” in Colne has been labelled “totally irresponsible” by police.

On the Colne and West Craven Police Facebook page, Sgt. Kim De Curtis stated how a bright yellow police speed camera vehicle was positioned in Burnley Road, following community feedback and PACT meetings.

But the police operation was disturbed when a man stood on the roadside holding a warning sign up to motorists.

Sgt. De Curtis said: “I think he was being totally irresponsible. Not only was he committing a criminal offence of Police Obstruction but he was interfering with a Police Operation that is aimed at preventing speeding motorists potentially hitting and killing a child/pedestrian.

“This stretch of road has already been the site of a fatal traffic accident where a young woman lost her life a few years back.

“I do not think her family or that of anyone elses who have been subjected to a speeding motorist running over a member of their family and injuring them or tragically killing them will agree with the comments this gentleman made to officers when challenged about his actions, such as ‘We only do speedchecks for the revenue’. ‘We have nothing better to do’ and ‘The residents don’t want us there’.