‘Man of the people’ from Wycoller

A SPLENDID SCENE: Wycoller in the 1920s. (S)
A SPLENDID SCENE: Wycoller in the 1920s. (S)

A surprise letter arriving at our home recently has prompted this week’s column picture of a wonderful Wycoller scene (inset Tom Emmott) in the 1920s.

It was postmarked from Norfolk, from none other than the legendary Wycoller character Tom Emmott’s daughter, Frances Jaworska.

Frances wrote to thank me for my column, number 558, in 2008, when I told of my days in the 1950s visiting her late father at his amazing cottage in the heart of the Sylvan village.

Frances told me she was so pleased to read about her dear dad, which she had found on the Leader-Times (Pendle Today) website, and sadly, due to her parents separating, could only recall him on only one occasion as a toddler.

Due to her letter I was able to ring Frances and we had a delightful chat where I was proud to tell her of my visits to Tom’s cosy cottage.

I also recalled his exploits in 1959, forming his beloved “Lancashire Party” and standing for Parliament in the General Election that year against the redoubtable Sydney S. Silverman (Labour) and the indomitable John Crabtree (Conservative).

Sydney won the day yet again and eventually went on to win a record eight general elections in all.

Tom, although beaten, had fought a truly memorable campaign and his name lives on as an adventurous and indeed fearless “man of the people”.