Meeting over fracking fears

Proposed fracking site at Preston New Road, Little Plumpton
Proposed fracking site at Preston New Road, Little Plumpton
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The potential dangers of fracking are to be highlighted at a public meeting early next month.

Keep East Lancashire Frack Free has drawn together a number of speakers for the event.

It will be held at Hippings Vale Community Centre, Harvey Street, Oswaldtwistle, on Sunday, November 6th starting at 3pm.

The main speaker will be Mike Lichty from Pennsylvania who is the producer of the film Groundswell Rising.

The film will be then be shown exposing the damage caused by widespread fracking in Pennsylvania, USA and there will be a question and answer session after the film.

A KELFF spokesman said: “Groundswell Rising gives voice to ordinary folks engaged in a David and Goliath struggle against big oil and gas companies .

“The producers meet parents, scientists, doctors, farmers and individuals across the political spectrum decrying the energy extraction process known as fracking that puts profits over people.

“This provocative documentary tracks a grassroots movement exposing dangers to clean air, water, and civil rights.

“Groundswell Rising shows how fracking has contaminated drinking water and jeopardized health and quality of life.

“Homeowners near wells suffer from respiratory ailments and property devaluation. Reina Ripple, of Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project, chronicles mounting ailments related to fracking.

“A former industry employee shows skin lesions and edema obtained while working with fracking waste.”

Mark Ruffalo, actor and fracking activist, recommends the viewing of this film: “It should be watched by everyone on the side of industry and those considering leasing their land to the gas companies.”

Engineer Mike Hill is also planning to be present at the meeting to explain how the fracking industry is not properly regulated to protect the environment and public health, as the Government claims.