‘Midwife’ Ian helps in Jaimie’s hour of need

Ian, Georgia and Jaimie Reid at home in Priory Way, Barnoldswick.
Ian, Georgia and Jaimie Reid at home in Priory Way, Barnoldswick.

A Barnoldswick family is celebrating the birth of a new daughter delivered by a husband playing the role of emergency midwife.

When Jaimie Reid (30) went into labour with her third child on Saturday evening, husband Ian (36) phoned her parents to say they were going to Airedale Hospital.

Little did he know that, just 35 minutes later, he would have delivered baby Georgia into the world at their house in Priory Way with the help of Jaimie’s parents, Alastair and Lorraine McLoughlin, her sister Lindsay Blunstone-McLoughlin and a fast-approaching paramedic team who were on the telephone throughout.

The delighted couple admit that they are not used to playing the waiting game for babies, as their two boys Daniel (5) and Josh (20 months) were both born early.

Although Georgia was a day beyond her due date, she was not one for hanging around when ready, and Ian’s heroics have landed him with the tag of “Super Dad”.

Full-time mum Jaimie said: “It’s been such a shock. It all happened so quickly. I was quite intent on trying out the new birthing facilities at Airedale to be honest.

“It’s not something we had planned for. We were all set to go to the hospital, but Ian realised it was going to be happening. He was so calm. I’m really proud of him.

“The family are thrilled and completely made up. It was really special because it’s not common for grandparents to be there at birth.”

Ian, who works for HML in Skipton, is not planning a career switch any time soon. He said: “When I was called in to action I just did what I had to.

“We are fortunate she came out and everything was fine. It was all right being a midwife as a one off but I think it must be a really stressful job.”