Motorist cheats death as chimney smashes through car sunroof in Nelson

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a MOTORIST had a lucky escape on Tuesday evening when masonry from a chimney stack crashed through the sun roof of the car in which he was sat.

The man was sitting in his car in Cliffe Street, Nelson, at 6-20 p.m. when the chimney on a house under renovation collapsed, sending stonework down into the property and the remainding stonework and some slates down the outside.

One piece of stone went through the sun roof of the car and the casualty was struck a glancing blow, causing him to be concussed and needing treatment at Burnley General Hospital.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service crews from Nelson attended and spent several hours at the scene making the property safe.

Watch manager Nigel Bowden said: “The man had a lucky escape. Had the stone hit him properly, he would have been more severely injured or even killed.”