Moves to improve mobile phone coverage

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New steps taken by the Government to improve mobile coverage and end “partial not-spots” – areas where there is coverage from one or more but not all of the four mobile networks – in Lancashire have been welcomed by Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson.

Currently 11.9% per cent of Lancashire suffers from this problem. This poor mobile phone coverage makes it harder for people to communicate and businesses to operate, putting growth and jobs at risk.

Mr Stephenson said: “That is why we are working to improve mobile coverage in those areas.

“We are working with mobile operators to try to find voluntary improvements as well as considering if new laws are required to improve coverage.

“As part of this we will look at allowing people to use other networks when their own cannot provide a signal or, alternatively, requiring companies to cover a certain geographic percentage of the UK.

“Improving mobile coverage is a key part of our long-term economic plan that will help businesses to compete, expand and create more jobs, boosting local growth and giving more people the security and peace of mind of a regular pay packet.”