MR PENDLE: Councils waste too much of our cash on silly jobs

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there has been much wringing of hands and flexing of vocal chords in the light of the cuts in Government grants to councils and the effects they will have on services.

But any sympathies one might have with some councils who claim to be cash-strapped quickly go out of the window when one reads the letter from P. Gardiner.

For if these councils have been able to afford such extravagant salaries for the non-jobs, as Mr Gardiner calls them, they have clearly been getting too much money and the cuts in their budgets are entirely justified.

And, let us remember, these are just the jobs that are advertised.

For every one that is vacant, it is a good bet there will be others that remain unfilled and hidden away from all but the most inqusitive of council tax payers who choose to scrutinise their council’s accounts.

Just to pick some of Mr Gardiner’s examples.

What, for instance, is a future shape co-ordinator and what is the justification for a salary of more than £70,000 a year?

What does a well-being officer do and how is the position worth £34,500?

What exactly is a weekend explainer?

Do people not know it is Saturday or Sunday?

An access to nature officer? A walking co-ordinator? A trampoline coach?

What justification is there for any of these posts?

None of these can be thought of as being essential jobs - even in the world of local government, where a job in the town hall was thought to be a job for life.

Mr Pendle is not aware of Pendle Council employing any of the non-jobs referred to by P. Gardiner, but he is in full agreement with him when he says their posts should be axed and the people concerned be found something productive to do - and at a salary more in keeping with the real world.

THE Christmas television schedules showed that Eastenders - that half-hourly shoutathon - was the most popular television programme on Christmas Day.

That, along with the heavily plugged comedy series Come Fly with Me, a festive helping of Doctor Who, Coronation Street and Emmerdale pulled in millions of viewers.

What a sad nation of people we have become.

Mr Pendle spent Christmas Day with his family and there was no need to have a television set on.

In fact, the only programme Mr Pendle made a point of watching over Christmas was the film “Scrooge” on Channel 4 on Christmas Eve, with the brilliant Alistair Sim in the title role.

It is a tradition he follows every year - a timeless classic not to be missed.