Mystery group wishing Colne residents good luck

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A mystery group will be spreading joy in Colne today as they embark on a mission to give a little bit of luck to residents.

A page called “Gud Luck” has been set up on Facebook to inform locals of a “random act of kindness” that has been launched in the town.

Writing on the social media site, one member of the new team, believed to be 49-years-old, from Colne, said: “Hello all you lucky people: things need to change, people need to be given a chance and we are here to do just that.

“As from now we at Gud Luck club are going to leave envolopes all around Colne for people to pick up and open; inside will be 1 National Lotto scratch card, it is YOURS take it and GUD LUCK from us [sic],”

The resident went on to say “None of you know me, but don’t worry. It’s not about ‘knowing’ it’s about ‘giving’... Charity begins at home and Colne is our home” and encouraged anybody that finds an envelope to let them know.

Today 10 plain white envelopes will be placed around Colne simply saying “It’s yours, Gud Luck”.

The latest post said: “Whoever finds one of these envelopes has my permission to take it from wherever you find it and thereafter claim ALL legal rights to the envelope and it’s contents. Once these envelopes are found i surrender ALL my rights of ownership to the envelope and it’s contents to the finder. Gud Luck [sic].”

The latest good-hearted gesture comes after our story last week about a thoughtful trio from Colne who have been spreading smiles by leaving small gifts for residents.

These range from parcels, with a chocolate and a tea bag inside, as well as scratchcards.

To visit the “Gud Luck” Facebook page go to

If you find a scratchcard let us know by emailing a picture of yourself with details of where and when you found it to