Mystery of the sonic boom explosion is solved

The mystery of a sonic boom sound, that hundreds of people reported hearing across Burnley, Pendle and the Ribble Valley, looks set to have been solved.

The mystery of the "sonic boom," that hundreds of residents reporting hearing across the Ribble Valley, Burnley and Pendle area, looks to have been solved.

Reports on social media now suggest it was a medium sized meteor that hit the upper atmosphere and created a sonic boom.

A video of a smaller meteor, exploding across the sky in Wakefield, was posted on the Cltheroe Buy and Sell facebook page with the explanation that this is what happened in East Lancashire.

The video captures a green fireball shooting across the sky that happened a few hours before the incident in East Lancashire.

Hundreds of people across the area reported hearing a loud "booming" noise in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Social media was flooded with comments about the mystery sound that several people heard in the Ribble Valley and also in Hapton and Colne.

Many said the sound was so strong it rattled the windows of their homes while one person commented on the Clitheroe Buy and Sell facebook page that he heard the noise in the Gargrave area and seconds after a jet flew over.

One explanation given for the noise was that it was an RAF Typhoon jet which are only allowed to fly supersonic if responding to an emergency.

Similar explosion sounds have been reported across various parts of the world.

In November this year a similar sound was heard in the Merseyside area which turned out to be thunder.

In November a similar sound was heard in the Merseyside area which turned out to be thunder.

But the source of many of the sounds remains unsolved with several theories ranging from fighter jets to mini meteors colliding with the earth.


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