Nelson charity helps after Nepal earthquakes

Earthmovers clear the debris at the site of a building that collapsed in an earthquake in Kathmandu. (AP Photo/Niranjan Shrestha)
Earthmovers clear the debris at the site of a building that collapsed in an earthquake in Kathmandu. (AP Photo/Niranjan Shrestha)
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  • Two earthquakes devastate Nepal
  • 5,000 dead, 7,000 injured
  • Nelson charity’s relief team on site

Nelson-based charity Muslim Global Relief is aiding people who have suffered from the recent earthquakes is Nepal.

Over 5,000 deaths have been reported, with around 7,000 injured.

Information from remote villages hit by the earthquake at the end of last month is yet to come in.

And this week the area has been devastated by another big earthquake.

Many buildings have collapsed, including some very old temples and monuments. Thirty out of the country’s 75 districts in the Western and Central Regions have been affected. The Ministry of Home Affairs declared a national emergency.

As the news of the first earthquake arrived in the Nelson office of MGR, its team in India of 15 was mobilised and arrived at Kathmandu to undertake its assessment on the situation and to check on the best possible route to bring aid to the those in need.

The team arrived on Tuesday last week and on Wednesday distributed some aid to the people in need in Bhaktapur region

Further relief items were sent for distribution over the weekend.

All relief items were taken to Gorakhpur, India.

From there they travelled to the border crossing at Siddharthangar – a two-hour journey – and from the crossing point there was a further six-hour drive to our head office just outside Katmandu.

The situation is similar to the Kashmir earthquake in 2005, with difficult mountainous terrain, making it difficult to reach remote areas.

Initial Items for distribution have included 2,000 tarpaulin tent, 2,000 food parcels, 2,000 utensil kits and 2,000 water bottles.

A MGR spokesman said: “We need people to donate nOW to support the efforts of our crisis response team so we can get more lifesaving aid to those in need.

“£60 could provide food for a family for one month; £400 could provide a family with shelter and £1.50 could prvide water.”

Call MGR on 604055, visit or text MGRN10 from £1 to £10 to 70070 to help.

The chairman of the Lancashire Council of Mosques, Abdul Hamid Qureshi, has also appealed for help for the victims of the Nepalese earthquake.

Mr Qureshi appeared on Pendle Community Radio to tell listeners of the devastation caused by the quake in which thousands lost their lives and many more were left without basic necessities.

Anyone wishing to make donations to Minhaj Welfare Foundation’s Nepal Earthquake Appeal can do so by calling 0300 3030 777 or by visiting