Nelson health centre evacuated after fire

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DOZENS of people including doctors, health staff and patients had to evacuate Nelson’s health centre when a fire started and triggered the alarm system.

It happened at the Yarnspinners Primary Health Care Centre between Carr Road and the Morrisons store at just after 11-30am last Friday.

After the alarm went off, everyone had to get out quickly and stand outside until the fire service dealt with it. But it was a drier, sunnier day when they went out!

Two fire engines from Nelson attended and rapidly dealt with the incident, which meant people didn’t have to stand around for long.

Watch Manager Gary Ibbitson from Nelson Fire Station said: “The fire was on the electrical panel on the top floor in the lift motor room. It had burst into flames but there was only damage to the electrical panel. When the alarm went off, people evacuated.”

The electrical panel was destroyed and the lift was not in operation afterwards. There was also some slight smoke damage to the motor room, but the rest of the centre was fine.