Nelson house flytipping horror

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A NELSON woman has declared a neighbouring house a “grot spot” after it became a dumping ground for people’s unwanted furniture and rubbish.

The complainant, who lives off Chapelhouse Road, and who wishes to remain anonymous, has said that the terraced house in question, which is in Napier Street, has been subject to fly-tipping over recent weeks.

She said: “It is horrendous. There are bags full of all sorts in there. We are going to get rats.

“It has been empty for quite a few months, maybe at least six. I have seen people bringing things during the night and just dumping them.”

She says she has seen everything from bathroom suites to bunk beds, and even dogs, left in the back yard of the vacant property.

Pendle Council is currently dealing with the case according to powers under Section 215 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. It will allow the council to serve a notice on the owners and occupiers of land, requiring the site to be tidied up.

Neighbourhood Pride Officer Peter McDonald said: “If the owner does not comply with the notice, Pendle Council can remove the waste and recover the expenses from any action taken.

“Unfortunately, the Section 215 procedure is a lengthy process and we cannot remove the rubbish until we have gone through various stages.

“However, we are informed that the owners will be clearing the rubbish themselves and making the property secure to prevent further fly-tipping. We will continue to monitor the property to make sure this is done.”