Nelson man denies using Facebook to encourage disorder

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A NELSON man has denied encouraging the commission of an offence by posting a message on Facebook.

Christopehr Schofield (26), of Eckroyd Close, Nelson pleaded not guilty at a Preston Crown Court hearing to intentionally encouraging the commission of an offence on August 9th, by posting a message on Facebook which stated: “Riot alert. Meeting Duke Bar 8 p.m. Faces covered and weapons advised. Come on peeps”.

The charge against him alleges this was capable of assisting the possible commision of violent disorder.

The case was adjourned for a trial to take place at Lancaster Crown Court on February 13th.

Judge Anthony Russell remanded him on bail to that date.

One of the conditions of bail had been for the defendant not to access the internet.

The prosecution agreed the condition could be changed to instead bar him from personally accessing Facebook.